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True or False?:

  1. FALSE. The OK sign is not universal; in fact, it is obscene or rude in Brazil, Greece, Southern Italy, Germany and parts of the former Soviet Union
  2. TRUE. A popular toast in Germany is "Prosit" or "Zum Wohl"
  3. TRUE. In Brazil, purple flowers signify death and so are inappropriate as a thank you
  4. FALSE. Humor in the global arena can backfire; avoid what seems obvious to you and observe how your clients are dealing in that situation
  5. TRUE. Your Swedish host should toast you first, and might do so several times during your time together
  6. TRUE. The wai (pronounced why: palms of both hands together on chest) is the proper greeting in Thailand
  7. TRUE. But only for a western woman. Business women in India, for example, might be wearing a traditional sari and/or western style clothing
  8. FALSE. The appropriate distance between two people discussing business varies among cultures and is generally greater in Europe than in the Middle East
  9. FALSE. Hand shakes in continental Europe are frequently initiated by men and women alike. Among friends, various other modes of greetings are common.
  10. FALSE. Passing out your business card is part of the business greeting ritual in Japan
  11. FALSE. The French rarely invite business guests to their homes
  12. FALSE. Pasta is an appetizer in Italy
  13. TRUE. Greek food is at the proper temperature of what some consider to be lukewarm
  14. FALSE. White suits symbolize mourning in Hong Kong and other parts of South East Asia
  15. TRUE. The people of Scotland are Scots, while Scotch is what you might drink

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