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Managers and executives have discovered that individual coaching helps them develop professionally for "ultimately, leadership development is a process of self-development. The quest for leadership is first an inner quest to discover who you are" (Kouzes & Posner). Similarly, organizations whose leaders provide vision and direction, also engage in the process of discovery. Aspects and elements of corporate life and structure are examined with the intent of effecting change, this time aligning the company culture and purpose with the goals and fulfillment of the individuals.

Through self-evaluation and 360º feedback tools, either individually or in groups, and with follow-up by phone and email, we provide:

Executive Coaching

  • Improves clarity of purpose at work and at home
  • Reconnects with goals and outcomes
  • Looks at the "larger picture"
  • Optimizes personal and professional presence
  • and performance
  • Perfects communication by practicing the art
  • of listening and observation
  • Increases leadership effectiveness
  • Renews professional satisfaction

Comments from satisfied customers:

…Great facilitation. Made sure that points were not only raised but discussed until grasped and all implications known. Very respectful intervention. Helpful indeed.

…Excellent interpersonal skills. Quick to identify individual concerns and good in helping to formulate strategies and action plans. Thoughtful.

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