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Business savvy, cross-cultural know-how and deeper understanding of global management issues are viewed indispensable by many successful organizations, international institutions and individual world travelers.

A major component of ‘Global Village competency’ is a set of skills that enables people to quickly become more professionally productive and interpersonally effective when working in an unfamiliar culture. Other aspects are to learn and practice ways of cooperating productively with counterparts abroad and to gain relevant experience of two culturally different management or leadership styles.

Our services are geared to:

  • Provide you with the necessary cultural context skills and know-how to avoid misunderstandings and show you well-proven avenues for effective communication and interpersonal interactions.
  • Recognize and help to adapt to the reality of cultural differences in business values and practices.
  • Enable you to respond and excel in various cultural environments ensuring productive assignments abroad.
  • Assist human resource departments with implementation of cross-cultural and diversity programs.
  • Support employees and their families throughout the cycle of an international work assignment.
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