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Communications International (LC) assists executives and managers in organizations with global reach and supports human resource professionals with customized intercultural training and consulting. Every day we witness the consequences of diverse cultural values and behaviours. Companies around the world are redefining the way they do business internationally. Many individuals as well are engaged in global exchanges and activities. Learn how to relate to and negotiate with confidence the complexities of cross-cultural encounters.

Global diversity and world-wide economic transactions are shaping our environment. In busy times when complexities and tempo can be overwhelming, specialized coaching and facilitation services help reach competence and mastery in your private life and at work.

President Leonore Clauss is a world traveler herself, who will guide and prepare you through the exchange of knowledge and practical skills for a diverse and fast changing world. As well her team of experienced associates will assist you on this trip with expertise and specialized contributions.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
Chinese proverb

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