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Are you at times puzzled about the complexities of doing business internationally? Have you asked yourself how things need to be done abroad in order to start making sense to you and influence your bottom line?

Comparing intercultural skills and knowledge of diverse cultures with the information provided by a road map, ‘global village competency’ helps you navigate in this fast paced global business climate. And if you are about to accept a long-term assignment abroad, you and your family are given assistance before, during and after an international move.

In reaching your goals, do you want to gain deeper insights and increase greater self-knowledge?

We offer personality preference reports for individuals and groups. This provides a foundation for improved interpersonal interaction with internal and external teams and optimizes customer contact.

Do you want to re-examine your direction and energize your vision? Are you looking for maximum impact of your leadership style?

In our executive coaching programs, aspects of corporate life and personal choices are assessed with the individual client or the group. Sessions are confidential and reflective and provide a blueprint for effecting change and make possible alignment with new purpose and goals.

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