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"The leadership models, theories and practices that worked so well in earlier times are failing to inspire the hearts of many followers today. Leadership based on control is giving way to leadership based on inspiration. We are saying goodbye to the old story and hello to the new story. Goodbye to fear and control; hello to heart and soul". Lance Secretan, Inspirational Leadership.

Powerful shifts take place when individuals align themselves within an organization or the larger community through common goals and for beneficial outcomes. Thus organizational transformation begins which can open the door to creativity, innovation and greater productivity.

Using a philosophy based on value-centred and inspirational leadership models, we ascribe to the gentle wisdom of Lance Secretan’s (TM) ground breaking work in his books Inspirational Leadership and Reclaiming Higher Ground. Communications International (LC) promotes shifts toward a more soulful and inspiring workplace. Helping individuals gain a sense of purpose and control, we coach professionals towards new determination, clarity and quality of life.

Leadership and Organizational Transformation

  • Reclaim personal/organizational vision
  • Choose courageous authenticity
  • Apply creative and leading edge problem solving
  • Sustain high level of accomplishment in adversity.
  • Model sustainable change and renewal




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