Global Village Competency (Cont'd)

... a corporate global strategy entails an increased need to understand - and be able to interact with - representatives of other cultures. For example it may be required for adapting products and services to new markets [or] for marketing and selling them... Or it may be required for cooperating with a [non-US] partner firm, working with a cross-cultural team, or capturing a sizable share of business from ethnically distinct market segments [within the US] .[US] firms face international competitors abroad and at home.

Global Preparedness and Human Resources, The Rand Corporation (1994), T. K. Bikson & S.A. Law



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Specialized programs cover many related topics:

Global Management Consulting

  • Customized intercultural training
  • Global career development
  • Cross-cultural coaching
  • Global management consulting
  • Country and region-specific briefings
  • Business practices across borders
  • International Human Resource consulting
  • Sensitivity and diversity training

International Assignments and Relocation

  • Candidate selection
  • Pre-departure readiness coaching
  • Pre-departure orientation training
  • Partner and family support throughout
  • On-site assistance
  • Mentoring and telephone coaching
  • Re-entry consultation

Comments from satisfied clients:

… Excellent effort was made even before the training started to understand my needs and goals. The workshop was well tailored to meet those needs and additional information was provided. The content was well organized. Leonore was helpful and understanding.

…Very professional with first hand experience. Extremely knowledgeable on subject matter. Able to show by example what is meant.

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