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Exploring and charting a new direction starts with self-discovery. By learning more about our own personality, we can also gain a better understanding of our strengths and weaknesses. Knowledge of self can lead to further insights on our relationship with others, alignment of expectations and gaining confidence in achieving goals.

For those ready to set sail, we offer personal and group reports through the Insights Discovery (TM) preference indicator based on Carl Jungs four colour psychological energies. "There is very little difference between one person and another, but what there is [proves] very important" (William James).

The reports are like a fingerprint of your personality. No two reports are the same. Developed in Scotland over 15 years ago, this evaluation system has been used extensively across Europe in major private and public organizations. The accuracy and individualization is superb and supplies a valuable tool in both personal and professional applications.

Insights Discovery (TM) reports enable you to:

  • Understand self - recognize your strengths and weaknesses and shows development areas for future growth
  • Understand others - recognize behavioural styles and offers insights on how to respond and react
  • Adapt and connect - meet the needs of others, learn how to be proactive
  • Develop interpersonal strategies - benefit from unique styles and develop a customized approach
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