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Non-verbal behaviour like eye contact, touching, how far to stand apart, bowing and hand gestures can be vastly different from country to country. Corporate protocol dictates how to greet your business associate from overseas, become a gracious host or encourage fruitful negotiations and is crucial in successful business interactions.

How much do you really know about the wide world?
Do you consider yourself suave when it comes to savoir-faire?
Take this quiz to find out!

True or False?:

  1. The circle sign with three fingers raised is the universal sign for OK
  2. In Germany, the proper toast is "Prosit"
  3. In Brazil, it is offensive to send purple flowers as a thank-you
  4. If you are in an uncomfortable situation, try some humor to lighten the tension
  5. In Sweden, it is offensive to toast your host before he toasts you
  6. In Thailand, the proper greeting is the wai
  7. It is always recommended that a woman wear a suit when conducting business internationally
  8. The universally accepted distance between two people when they are discussing business is three feet
  9. In Europe, a man should wait for a woman to extend her hand in handshaking situations
  10. In Japan, it is impolite to pass out your business card when first meeting someone
  11. The French often invite business guests into their homes
  12. Pasta is usually served as a main course in Italy
  13. Most Greek food is served lukewarm
  14. White suits are acceptable for men in Hong Kong because of the high humidity and the temperature
  15. In Scotland, the people are called Scots

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